RAYGUIDE - Change log

Version Released # Type Description
2.4.1 05/06/2024 15999 BUG Click&Teach: Equalization calibration fails if the camera's image size is reduced.
16019 Change Request Reduce max current for GardaSoft illumination controller from 3A to 2A.
15936 New Feature Solar Wafer Designer for TOPCon pattern.
2.4.0 22/05/2024 15795 New Feature Segment copy.

Feature for copying a segment of a path, defined by start and end time.

15984 New Feature Remote Interface: Separate log file for logging of all commands and responses.
15983 New Feature Notifications to log any user log-in and log-out.
15961 New Feature Timebased auto-logout of administrator.
15982 New Feature Logging of stand alone execution.

Logfile containing the stand alone configuration and the pens of the jobs will be created when starting stand alone execution with the run button in stand alone dialog.

2.3.0 17/05/2024 15985 BUG Interpolation time in "deflection unit status" tab is twice the actual value.
15974 BUG Problems when creating remote desktop connection after RAYGUIDE was launched.
15933 BUG Number of executions is 0 for newly created job presets.
15960 Change Request Reduce downtime in-between jobs by using SP-ICE-3 execution queue (OnCard executor).

Calling execute for the second job before the first is finished, will queue the job on the card.

15858 New Feature nLight SFX Laser.
15742 New Feature nLight Laser initialization: Option for initializing on arm instead on startup.
15959 New Feature Sort layers by name.

New option is located in Vector optimizations -> Sort.

2.2.0 30/04/2024 15914 BUG Scan head monitoring reacts too late when starting execution.
15738 BUG Gain sometimes not set on DALSA camera.
15925 BUG Scale/rotation transformation not working for paths.
15863 BUG Click & Teach: When loading a camera calibration, the currently selected tile position entries are not updated.
15787 Change Request Allow switching illumination back on to previous value after switching it off.
15865 Change Request Set unused SP-ICE-3 IO pins to function 0.

Setting function to 0 avoids problems with old configs (e.g. unused laser alarm).

15926 Change Request Exclude preview and pointer from "execute jobs" permission.
15887 New Feature Remote Interface: Commands to set global speed and power scale.
15847 New Feature Simplified GUI.

New actions for loading simplified or default GUI appearance.

15915 New Feature Scan head monitoring for legacy deflection units.
2.1.0 22/04/2024 15910 Change Request Remote interface: Stop listening after network exception.
15898 Change Request Disable ramping for preview jobs.
2.0.1 12/04/2024 15880 BUG Re-enabled missing plugins (YLS AMB laser and SP-ICE-3 log importer).
2.0.0 04/04/2024 15881 BUG GUI uses OS instead of configured language when opening jobs from explorer.
15845 BUG Possible out of field (z) exception when rotating a job element by 180° around x or y axis for a 2D deflection unit.
15835 BUG Segmentation by distance yields wrong result for flipped job elements.
15815 BUG Arm button unlocked before preview is finished.
15814 BUG Quadrature decoder config not stored for stand-alone.
15794 BUG Saving a wait port automation causes an exception.
15789 BUG Delay between multiple SP-ICE-3 serial port messages executed as µs instead of ms.
15691 BUG Click & Teach: With Dalsa cameras the feature "combine four pixels into one" does not work reliably.
15813 Change Request Zero power for preview jobs.
15791 Change Request Improved startup performance for scanning plugins.

In case of custom plugins, scanning is limited to the following rules.
- dll name must contain plugin
- PluginTypes/CustromUITypes dictionary must be provided (see SDK manual chapter 3.4: Writing Plug-ins for Use in RAYGUIDE.

15714 Change Request Migration RAYGUIDE SDK from v1 to v2.

All obsolete members have been removed.
In case your code is not already migrated, check migration guide in SDK manual chapter 7: API update guide.

15797 New Feature .NET 8 support for SDK.

In addition to the existing .NET 4.8 version, SDK will also be deployed as .NET 8.0-windows.

15790 New Feature NuGet packages for SDK.

For ease of use, NuGet packages for the SDK will be installed from now on.
SDK binaries will be removed by end of this year.

15726 New Feature Cluster Container: Z-offset.
15727 New Feature Cluster Container: Import option for offsets, rotations.
1.54.3 12/03/2024 15768 BUG SPICE3: Serial port wrong return type.
15770 BUG Pointer disabled when starting preview with JPT MOPA laser.
15767 Change Request Increase SP-ICE-3 timeout to 10s.
1.54.2 07/03/2024 15761 BUG Wrong MOTF wait distance for job elements after container and OnCard executor.
15749 BUG Tiler Container ignores explicit cell order.
1.54.1 04/03/2024 15734 BUG Job executions set to 0 when using an old job preset.
15736 BUG Missing jump length between markables in job statistic in case of automatons between markable objects.
15735 BUG Wrong job pitch for MOTF with OnHost and Azimuth != 180°.
15670 New Feature Remote interface: New command for setting deflection unit bias.
1.54.0 19/02/2024 15677 BUG Remote Interface: can't reconnect to RAYGUIDE.
14063 Change Request Add number executions/repeat flag to job preset.
15342 New Feature MOTF Job validation.

Validates whether repetition pitch exceeds job length and min segment width is smaller than segmentation optimization max width.

15265 New Feature Settings export and import.
1.53.1 06/02/2024 15668 BUG Exception when creating a job element without drag & drop.
1.53.0 06/02/2024 15629 BUG Update of variable content doesn't work without certain action.
15644 BUG Exception when restarting or passing a job from explorer to RAYGUIDE GUI.
15640 BUG Transformation of parent is not reflected by coordinates in command dialogs and direction of arrow tips.
15655 BUG MOTF wait distance cannot be larger than 4 times field size.
15664 Change Request Remote interface: Use single unblock gui command to unblock gui after calling block gui multiple times.
15596 New Feature Popup message displaying job description when job is loaded.
15666 New Feature Log out local user.
15665 New Feature Remote interface: New command for changing job variables.
1.52.0 26/01/2024 15621 BUG Click & Teach: Rayguide crashes when tiling, if the workspace configuration has no deflection unit assigned to it.
15618 BUG Progress monitor activates incorrrect rows during execution.
15592 BUG Click & Teach: A z-offset in the correction file is not handled correctly when creating calibration jobs.
15591 BUG Click & Teach: When using two cameras, connecting and disconnecting the cameras can cause problems.
15570 BUG Illumination panel: Brightness sliders are set back to the default values when any device dialog is closed with OK.
15579 BUG Renderer ignores flip transformation for bitmaps.
15264 Change Request Merge text and vector objects to combined vector graphic.

Creates a text layer (instead of a vector layer) for each merged text object,.

15607 Change Request Change default username for local admin.

The default username for local admin is changed from "rayguide" to "#rayguide#".

15617 Change Request Rewrite permission logic.

The permission logic has been rewritten to combine OS and local administration modes seamlessly.
Old permission config is updated automatically. New config is not compatible to old RAYGUIDE versions.

15584 Change Request Laser diagnostics: The "equally spaced pulses" and "power correction" settings should be switched off.
15620 New Feature Remote Interface: Option for disabling auto refresh of view port.

For increased performance, auto re-rendering after changing job content can be disabled. Rendering can be triggered with new command: refreshviewport.

15593 New Feature Duplicate job preset.
12192 New Feature Tool tip in job element tree.
15305 New Feature Job Validation: Check for open paths.
15615 New Feature Click&Teach: Option for disabling pointer during image acquisition.
15433 New Feature Click&Teach: Option for clearing background after execution.
15497 New Feature Notifications log file.
15555 New Feature Dynamic text placeholder for 2-digit week.
1.51.0 09/01/2024 15559 BUG Inconclusive state when using multi editing and binning.
15558 BUG Wrong motf belt speed approximation in case belt is not orientated along -x axis.
15556 BUG "Add port" button in "Wait port" dialog not working.
15553 BUG Click & Teach: Equalization is inaccurate in case there is a scan head orientation configured (i. e. orientation not equal 0°).
15550 BUG Click & Teach: Equalization is not working any longer on 2-axes systems and on 3-axes systems without changing the focus level.
15549 BUG Missing plugin exception when using homing or "zero power after execution" in combination with job optimizations.
15554 Change Request Fall-back mode for getting/setting process transformation with SP-ICE-3 < v3.2.
15516 New Feature Option for setting min/max preview speed.
1.50.0 21/12/2023 15527 BUG Click & Teach: In case of scan fields with z-range, the z-level in the camera calibration dialog cannot be set reliably.
15446 BUG Exception when creating text with variable from job element panel.
15534 BUG Possible wrong rendering of bitmaps after undo and redo.
15533 BUG Number of pixels in bitmap dialog ignores scale.
15532 BUG Out of field exception when using motf with scaled bitmaps.
15525 BUG Click & Teach: In case a workspace is smaller than the scan field, the equalization calibration job is created too big.
15524 BUG Job validation: In case of workspaces with z-range the validation may falsely report out of workspace errors.
15322 New Feature Vector optimization for converting contour into drill.
15321 New Feature Permission manager: Additional user management with user name & password.

In addition to the existing authentication (windows user account), users can authenticate via user name and password.

15402 New Feature Container: Flexible processing order.
1.49.0 04/12/2023 15476 BUG Pen usage shows confusing output for containers.
15471 BUG Remote Interface: Return error instead of ACK, in case job element is not found.
15453 BUG Setting process transformation can take up to 1.5s in rare cases.
15452 BUG RenderAsBitmap/Image: Swapped height and with.
15449 BUG Reset transformation center results in wrong position for single selected rotated job element.
15444 BUG Exception when pasting a layer.
15443 BUG Values of variables are not refreshed when the source is updated manually.
15438 BUG Remote interface: Command "arm" returns "ACK" although the SP-ICE-3 card is not connected.
15359 BUG Iterations of group container not operating in OnCard Mode.
15478 Change Request Highlighting of used pens should be updated dynamically.
15455 Change Request Remote interface: Support multiple commands per transmit.

Multiple commands can be transmitted at once. Either without separator, or separated by comma or whitespace.
Eg "abort, eol,closeAll, eol", "abort, eolcloseAll, eol" or "abort, eol closeAll, eol".

15451 Change Request Abort (gui button) should be sent, even if no job is running.
15450 Change Request Laser on/off delay from laser profile should also be added to sky writing laser on/off deleays.
15362 New Feature Click&Teach: Improved offset calibration.

New camera offset calibration for each of the workspace's corners. The used offset is interpolated between the already available center offset and the new corners' offsets. The new offset calibration is integrated into the equalization calibration procedure.

12183 New Feature New cluster container.

Container creates a list of copies with freely provided transformation.

15307 New Feature Remote Interface: Command for setting drill properties.
15306 New Feature Remote Interface: Event for transmitting job validation messages.
13738 New Feature MOTF: Marking bitmap larger than field size.
15447 New Feature Edit mode: Subtract thumb selection.

When selecting multiple thumbs via area selection, pressing ctrl is adding the new selection to the existing one.
Additionally pressing alt will subtract the selection instead.

1.48.0 08/11/2023 15393 New Feature SDK function for selecting correction file index outside job execution.

Index can now be set with BaseScanHead.SelectCorrectionFile( int index ).

1.47.0 27/10/2023 15328 BUG Mirror transformation of arcs is using wrong sweep angle.
15357 BUG Quick executor with "only selected objects" ignoring home position and zero power after execution.
15358 BUG Permission manager: Wrong user name for windows accounts created by using Microsoft account.
15336 BUG Wrong position of sharp corner indicators in transformed job elements.
15326 Change Request Honor "trimmed scan lines" option when calculating bitmap bounding box.
15347 Change Request Remove vertical quiet zone for 1D barcodes.
11144 New Feature Bitmap processing direction.

In addition to the existing scan directions horizontal (bottom to top) and vertical (left to right), different start positions are now available: horizontal (top to bottom) and vertical (right to left).

15308 New Feature Applying Job pen set as new library pen set, but with new pen order.

New option for removing gaps in pen enumeration when transferring job pen set to library.

1.46.0 13/10/2023 15278 BUG Scan line not limited to tiled part of bitmap.

Marking was only done in tiled part of the bitmap, but scan motion was done for whole bitmap (without power).

15260 BUG Wrong field/workspace rendering for workspace offsets with negative Y.
15209 BUG Memory leaks (GUI).

Job was still in memory after being closed.
Block gui dialog from remote interface was not disposed correctly.

15131 BUG Wrong bounding box calculation for rotated (elliptical) arcs.

Depending on angle, bounding box was calculated slightly too small.

15219 BUG Remote interface: Command sometimes returns too soon.

Command could return before the action is completely done. This could cause problems when sending multiple commands in a row.

15218 BUG Remote interface: Exceptions can cause crash instead of showing error message.
15217 BUG Marked outline for marking mode filling in combination with tiler or multi field tiling.
15216 BUG Z-shifter: Delta-z limited to positive values (only GUI).
15211 BUG Exception when opening Laser diagnostic dialog.
15213 BUG Possible deadlock when executing solids with OnHost executor.
15212 BUG Execution panel not blocked and emission status not updated for SP-ICE-3 in stand alone mode.
15202 BUG A new camera could not be added to the devices without the Click&Teach panel being loaded and visible.
15282 Change Request Remote interface performance enhancement.

Execution time of remote interface commands decreased by up to 100ms.

15254 Change Request Support for new correction file header (*.fc3).

Correction file will automatically be updated with new header.
Old file is kept with .bak extension.

15253 Change Request Move "Disarm on Abort/Error" from GUI to SDK.

Feature can now be used from SDK. Settings is stored in ApplicationConfiguration instead of GuiConfiguration and is not automatically migrated.

15244 Change Request Remote interface: Command "setActiveJob" returns an error if the demanded job is already active.

If the demanded job is already active, "setActiveJob" returns "ACK" now.

15215 Change Request Upload job (OnCard executor) while another job is running.
15257 New Feature Conversion for spot magnification.

Pen value for spot magnification can be configured to use absolute (spot size) or relative (factor) value.
Can be configured in Preferences -> User -> UI and deflection unit settings.

15256 New Feature Laser specific on/off delay.

In addition to laser on/off delay of the pen, an additional delay is added to the laser profile.
This is especially beneficial when using multiple laser in a single job.
Values are added to delays defined in the pen.

15200 New Feature Zero power after job execution.
14665 New Feature MOTF segmentation by time.

New option for generating MOTF segments based on execution time, in addition to the existing one based on belt distance.

15207 New Feature MOTF max belt speed.

Calculates the maximum MOTF belt speed for a job.

15221 New Feature Parameter finder MOTF.

New dialog for automatically finding the parameter for fastest execution.

15208 New Feature Secondary laser power engine.

Secondary power engine for controlling laser with two cores.
In addition to sending a power value (as it was already possible), the secondary power can be ramped and calibrated (power calibration and position dependent power correction).

15214 New Feature Pass counter for jobs with repetition.

Current pass can be queried for jobs with repetition (similar to job elements with infinite passes).

15004 New Feature New Remote Interface command: reset incrementing counter.
15062 New Feature New permission management operation: edit job properties.
1.45.0 30/08/2023 15154 BUG Path pen number not inherited for pass assignment: path.
15153 BUG Copy & paste doesn't work for layers and paths.
15147 BUG OnCard job element binning evaluated es true if at least one bit matches the actual value.
15148 BUG Click&Teach: Calibration jobs are created at the wrong z position if z is not 0.
15096 BUG Incremental number always reset when having reset type: execute, a copy container and using job optimization.
15104 BUG Possible "Collection was modified" exception when using dynamic job elements.
15097 BUG Possible deadlock when uploading jobs containing job optimizations from stand alone dialog.
15034 Change Request Click&Teach: A field transformation cannot be used while calibrating the camera.

The field transformation can be used now to improve the correction file if necessary. When creating the background image for the workspace, only the rotational component of the field transformation is compensated; gain and offset are ignored.

15006 New Feature Disarm on Abort/Error.
15063 New Feature Add unit conversion for spot size.
15149 New Feature New remote interface commands.

- executormode: Sets the execution mode to all or active
- getexecutionstatistic: Gets the statistics for the finished jobs
- setpen: Sets values of a job pen
- settransformation: Sets (parts of) job element transformation.

15150 New Feature New (optional) parameter for remote interface commands.

- modifytransformation: mode for setting transformation relative or absolute
- transform: scope for setting process transformation for all or a specified scan controller. mode for relative or absolute.

15126 New Feature Click&Teach: Support camera calibration for FOCUSSHIFTER in different focus positions.
15012 New Feature Click&Teach: New automation object - Set illumination.
15010 New Feature Click&Teach: New automation object - Acquire and save image.
15041 New Feature Pick-to-fit to show resulting transformation in notification panel.

The notification panel shows the last executed transformation (not the complete transformation an already transformed object may have after the operation).

15120 New Feature Radial text with fixed angle.
15124 New Feature Rename multiple job elements with option for unique names.

When using unique name, an index seperated by underscore is appended.

15030 New Feature New Option for Electrode tab designer: Add chamfer at the start-end of a tab module.
1.44.2 31/07/2023 15033 BUG Remote interface: Command "ModifyTransformation" answers with code "MODIFY_TRANSFORMATION_ERROR".
15068 BUG Exception when executing a electrode tab job element with 0 radius.
1.44.1 14/07/2023 15022 BUG Possible null exception when blocking GUI from remote interface.
15003 BUG RemoteInterface: Empty answer for getJobElements, getJobPens and getPenNumbers.
1.44.0 05/07/2023 14974 BUG Exception when using ctrl+c for copying without any selected job element.
14973 BUG Exception when multiple job finish simultaneously.
14930 BUG Pointer calibration offset lost.
11934 New Feature Explode container.

Replaces the container by creating individual objects for each item created by the container.

14820 New Feature Support adjustable pulse duration for JPT MOPA laser.
1.43.2 07/06/2023 14938 BUG Click&Teach: The guide lines for equalization calibration do not show up.
1.43.1 01/06/2023 14924 BUG Camera devices lose their scan head when restarting RAYGUIDE.
1.43.0 30/05/2023 14750 Change Request Click&Teach: remove autocalibration for calibration of real cameras.

Auto calibration is still available for the camera emulator but not for real cameras any longer.

14754 New Feature Click&Teach: Option for displaying gray value gradient.
14913 New Feature Click&Teach: Live Image full screen mode.
14914 New Feature Click&Teach: Zoom option for live image.
14753 New Feature Click&Teach: New panel: Illumination controll.
14751 New Feature Click&Teach: Enhancement of camera calibration to correct distortions.
14752 New Feature Click&Teach: New device: Illumination controller.

Gardasoft illumination controllers are supported.

1.42.0 23/05/2023 14915 BUG Error arming serial lasers.
14905 BUG Wrong marking direction when using bidirectional hatching will with small pitch (< 100µm).
14907 BUG Manual scan controller assignment might be ignored when using OnCard executor with multiple scan controllers.
14884 BUG Possible exception when rendering very small bitmaps.
14883 BUG DXF export: Ellipses with negative sweep angles result in unexpected shapes.
14850 BUG Pen number not set for text objects during vector graphic import.
14845 BUG Exception when applying transformation to multi selection.
14867 Change Request Increase startup device connection timeout to 2 minutes.

Time span for connecting to devices on startup changed from 1 to 2 minutes, as SP-ICE-3 might need more than 1 minute for booting.

14904 Change Request Sync laser arm status to existing laser when adding additional laser to job.
14906 New Feature Solar wafer importer: New import options for joining layers, importing hidden elements and number of fractional digits.

By reducing the number of fractional digits, position errors ( e.g. due to rounding) can be compensated, when detecting pattern and line changes.

1.41.1 26/04/2023 14837 BUG Possible deadlock when executing job containing groups without markable objects.
14841 BUG Binning options cannot be updated via common properties.
14831 BUG Laser not initialized on startup if power correction or calibration is used.
14832 BUG Power correction/calibration not loaded when rebooting SP-ICE-3 for stand-alone mode.
1.41.0 17/04/2023 14722 BUG Missing paths when using container with multiple executions and job optimization.
14794 BUG Error opening multiple jobs for stand alone configuration.
14818 BUG Blocked GUI when arming/disarming nLight laser.
14809 BUG Applying parameter finder triggers execution.
14777 BUG Stream stuttering when streaming large solids.
14764 BUG Bitmap rendered distorted when using "keep size" and different x/y dpi.
14725 BUG Drill filling not honoring rotation.
14708 BUG Refreshing job pen set uses wrong library pen set.
14745 Change Request Bitmap trim scan lines: In case of a single line pixel, mark two pixels to prevent gate engine exception.
14806 Change Request Command list streaming (OnHost / Quick Executor) should not separate paths.
14699 New Feature Filling inner clip border margin.
14644 New Feature Wait for signal edge or level on generic IO input.
12199 New Feature Job variables for barcode and text.
14802 New Feature Solar wafer importer: Entire line as pattern.
14664 New Feature Notching-Tab Designer plugin.

New plugin for creating pattern used for battery foil cutting.

1.40.0 10/03/2023 14701 BUG Possible burn in when using large job elements with streaming executor (OnHost or Quick).
14687 BUG Reloading job with bitmap adds additional execution sequece.
14669 BUG No text generated when using stroke font with character spacing != 1 and text containing white space.
14657 BUG Exception on GUI startup when using serial laser.
14467 Change Request MOTF with process trafo rotation.

Origin of workspace is now used as center of transformation for the process transformation when using MOTF.
Before, center of transformation was center of current MOTF frame.

14704 Change Request Vector graphic import is not thread save.
14702 Change Request Updating SP-ICE-3 config: Only disable field correction when changing field size.

By not disabling field correction while sending config to SP-ICE-3, a sudden change of galvo position is avoided. This was resulting in clicking noise from the deflection unit.

14519 Change Request Loading an SDK generated job in GUI can result in wrong transformation reference.
1.39.0 26/01/2023 14592 BUG Click&Teach: The alignment line in the live view cannot be activated until the camera is calibrated.

The alignment line can be activated now as soon as the live view is available.

14588 BUG MarkInProgress asserted for OnCard, even if disabled.
14555 BUG Click&Teach: In case of 3D scanners the camera calibration can be lost.
14659 Change Request SDK: Devices not registered to device manager.

Devices used by SPIC3Device (BaseLaserController and BaseScanHead) must be registered to device manager. This is normally done by using DeviceManager.AddDevice() instead of calling the device constructor directly.
To prevent unexpected behavior, an exception will be thrown when assigning an unkonwn device to SPCIE3Device.

14658 Change Request SPICE3 AutoConnect moved from GuiConfiguration to BaseDeviceController.

AutoConnect option for SPICE3 moved to BaseDeviceController.IsAutoConnect.
Setting will be migrated automatically when using RAYGUIDE gui.
Custom applications using GuiConfiguration have to migrate it manually.

14520 Change Request List assignment in GUI OnCard mode.

In case of multiple opened jobs, uploading a job with OnCard mode will use a different list ID per job, without overwriting other opened jobs on SP-ICE-3.

12621 New Feature New option for matrix copy: line shift.
12214 New Feature Text/Code source: Enter content via Pop up Dialog.

Text can be read from dialog automation into a variable. The variable can be assigned to any barcode or text object.

1.38.0 14/12/2022 14503 BUG Merging of paths looses pen information when using default pen.
14529 BUG JobManager.RenderAsBitmap: Distorted MarkableBitmaps when using non squared workspace.
14527 BUG Click&Teach: Picking mode "Selection rectangle" interrupts camera calibration when the mouse key is released.
14516 Change Request Delay time for pen-change on IPG YLPN Laser with APD Mode.

Removed 10ms delay, which is not necessary for APD fast mode.

14404 New Feature Textbox for job element description.
14270 New Feature Parameter finder.
14259 New Feature Multi scan controller workspace process transformation.

In addition to setting the process transformation per scan controller, it can now be set for all scan controller defined by an job/workspace configuration.
Center of transformation is the center of the workspace.

14004 New Feature Special IO: Laser Alarm.
13386 New Feature new validation: wobble parameters.

Galvo current resulting from wobble can be validated against threshold. Max value can be configured in deflection unit, default is 3A.
Only available for deflection unit firmware >= 7130.

14380 New Feature Character spacing.

Multiplier for distance between adjacent character.

14454 New Feature Separate characters.

New option for disabling kerning and ligatures.

14381 New Feature Vertical text alignment.
14386 New Feature Code39: Narrow wide ratio.

Ratio of smallest to widest bars can be defined from 2 to 3 (default).

14443 New Feature 1D Barcode: bar width reduction.
14005 New Feature Coherent ARM Laser.
1.37.0 14/11/2022 14421 BUG Wrong MOTF distance calculation when inverting X/Y axis.
14458 BUG IPG laser: Setting the APD mode does not work when the laser's power change setup time is set.

- The power change setup time is taken into account now.
- In case of on-host execution the laser is not disarmed any longer before setting the APD mode and armed again afterwards (same behavior now as in case of on-card execution; i. e the arming state is not changed at all, and the laser must be operated with its "Fast APD switch" option set to "on").

14439 BUG Documentation not found if start directory doesn't contain main executable.
14438 BUG Invisible objects can be selected by position based selection.
14436 BUG Only first dxf layout is imported.

All layouts get imported to separate layers.

14420 BUG Magnification not shown in pen dialog when using auto visibility and correction file without z dimension.
14414 BUG Remote interface: Commands "open" and "modify" responds with "ACK" before rendering the job is finished.
14405 Change Request Option for passing process transformation to job validator (instead of querying).

The API function JobManager.ValidateJobDefinition() expects now a new optional parameter, which is a dictionary of scan controller names and the wanted process transformations.

14419 Change Request Remote interface: There is no notification when a running job is finished.

There is a new command "wait, <eventName>, <timeout>, eol". <eventName> is either "JobFinishedEvent" or "WorkspaceRefreshedEvent", <timeout> is a timeout time in milliseconds.
Example: "wait, JobFinishedEvent, 5000, eol" waits 5 seconds for the event that signals the end of job execution and responds with "ACK" if the event is received or with "WAIT_ERROR" if the event is not received in this time period.

14415 Change Request Remote interface: When opening a job which is already open and active, the remote interface responds with "FILE_OPEN_ERROR".

The remote interface responds with "ACK" immediately in this case now without loading the job again.

14071 New Feature Preview of selected paths and layers.
1.36.0 25/10/2022 14396 BUG GUI plugins not found if start directory doesn't contain main executable.
14397 BUG Inverted y offset when transforming path/commands in edit mode via transformation panel.
14394 BUG Remote interface: Command "setActiveJob" is not working.
14376 BUG Bidirectional hatch filling shows sporadic wrong fill direction.
14384 BUG Wrong drill time conversion when using laser with CW mode.
14356 BUG Laser diagnostics dialog: Disabled fields are not enabled again when the laser is switched off.
12208 New Feature Import vector graphic file containing text as editable object.

New import option for converting text into vectors. If false, text object will be added as editable text layer.

1.35.0 05/10/2022 14345 BUG Activating pointer disables field correction.
14333 BUG Click&Teach: Sometimes the live view cannot be started without reconnecting the camera.
1.34.0 27/09/2022 14330 BUG Arc editing problems after execution.
14257 BUG Pen dailog crashes when entering a wrong charachter in ramp settings and pressing enter.
14311 BUG IPG laser: "laser not ready" warning is falsely shown when marking is started.

The warning is shown now only if the laser has the serial connection enabled and reported a laser not ready state.

14317 BUG Relative transformation applied as absolute.
14302 BUG Remote client: The timeout when waiting for the server response is less than the timeout of the server when waiting for RAYGUIDE.

The remote client's receive timeout is increased to 31 seconds.

14303 Change Request IPG laser: Setting the frequency in combination with setting the APD mode index works not reliable.

The laser's frequency will be set now using the parallel port interface in case it is supported by the laser.

14301 Change Request Remote interface: It is falsely possible to arm the laser while previewing the job.

RAYGUIDE will not arm the laser any longer while previewing a job, and the remote server will send the message "ARM_LASER_ERROR" in this case.

13522 New Feature Home position.

A home position for each scan controller can be defined in the job presets now.

1.33.0 06/09/2022 14256 BUG Ungrouping of nested groups is not possible.
14260 BUG Remote interface: Command "modifyText" can fail when several jobs are loaded or executed concurrently.
14265 BUG Scan controller was not assigned to delay automation when created inside nested container.
14268 Change Request Add slice count to job & object statistic.
14249 Change Request Expand assignable correction files for single deflection unit from 2 to 4.
14273 New Feature Click&Teach: Option for contrast enhancement in live view and tiled images.

New sliders for brightness and contrast in Click&Teach panel.

14208 New Feature Z alignment for importing vector graphics or solids.

Top, center or bottom of the bounding box can be aligned to a provided z coordinate.

14258 New Feature Display resulting amplitude in Wobble preview.

In addition to the commanded curve (black), the resulting curve is shown in red or green (depending on ratio).

12195 New Feature Magnetic thumbs.

Thumbs in edit mode can snap to each other or the guide lines.
Magnetic range can be defined in Preferences -> User ->UI.

14205 New Feature Rotation around X and Y axes.

Rotation can be provided for all axes. They are executed in the following order: X -> Y -> Z.

14204 New Feature XZ and YZ view.

Projection (XY, XZ or YZ) can be selected below the workspace.

14189 New Feature Option for showing only selected layer during edit mode.

Can be configured in Preferences -> User -> UI -> Hide other layers while editing.

14206 New Feature stl slicing.

New job element solid for importing and slicing *.stl files.

14207 New Feature Inverted filling.

Filled area is inverted by adding a box with size of the bounding box. The size can be altered by new property quiet zone.

14267 New Feature Slice navigator to visualize a single slice layout.
1.32.1 22/08/2022 14245 BUG Click&Teach calibration job marked at wrong z-position.
14232 BUG Dynamic vector graphic ignores filling.
1.32.0 18/08/2022 14200 BUG SVG importer: Empty layers resulted in incorrect layer names.
14231 BUG Importing DXF files: Texts are possibly misplaced when the "Center" option in the import dialog is chosen.
14222 BUG Remote interface: Command "close" saves a job instead just closing it.

Command "close" will not save a job any longer.

14213 BUG Remote interface: The remote client crashes when the network is unable to deliver a suitable IP address.

In case there is no suitable IP address found the loopback interface will be used. The user is asked to provide a better IP address.

14229 Change Request Loading jobs: Check for missing lasers and changed port sizes.
14082 New Feature New object: Dynamic vector graphic.

Linked vector graphic can be reloaded on job load or optionally during execution (like dynamic text).

1.31.0 28/07/2022 14190 BUG Remote interface: When the remote client disconnects or crashes the server's listening thread must be manually restarted.

The remote interface will restart the listening automatically when the client disconnects or crashes.

14185 BUG Laser diagnostic dialog throws exception when last used card is not connected.

Only connected cards will show up now in the drop down list of scan controllers.

14187 Change Request Synchronize arm and pointer toggle buttons in laser diagnostic dialog with those in the execution panel.

The button states (armed, pilot enabled) in the laser dialog are synchronized with the button states in the execution panel.

14197 Change Request New Icon for vector graphic objects.
14188 Change Request IPG laser with serial connection: The pulse duration list should not be lost when the serial connection is not available.

A retrieved list of pulse durations is stored with the laser and only refreshed when pressing the refresh button in the laser's settings dialog.

14186 Change Request Stopping laser emission in diagnostic dialog set laser power to 100%.

Stopping the execution in the laser diagnostics dialog does the same now as the abort button in RAYGUIDE's execution panel.

14107 New Feature Pass counter for objects with infinite passes.

Number of executed passes can be retrieved by pressing the refresh button in the process monitor's passes column.

14113 New Feature Option for disabling binning evaluation for preview.

Binning during preview can be disabled in Preferences -> User -> General.

1.30.0 21/07/2022 14144 BUG Click&Teach: Calibration job may be too large for the scan field.

The calibration job's size will be smaller if it doesn't fit into the scan field or workspace. Minimal size is 2 cm x 2 cm.

14175 BUG Click&Teach: Preview causes an exception when a cycle is over.
14178 BUG Changing transformation according to correction file index (OnHost).

Transformation within the job (automations) can currently only be switched when using OnHost.

14183 BUG Nanio laser shows "Not initialized" warning, when used without serial interface.
1.29.0 12/07/2022 14142 BUG Timeout activating stand-alone with many/large jobs.
14147 BUG Wrong bounding box inverting 1D barcode with hidden text.
13933 New Feature Add virtual alignment grid to live image window (Click&Teach).

There is a movable, horizontal alignment line in the live view now.

1.28.0 07/07/2022 14138 BUG Click&Teach: When using a JAI camera the background image is not cleared reliably.
14139 BUG Click&Teach: The wave length correction does not take scan field rotations into account.

The scan field's rotation does not matter any longer when calibrating the wave length correction.

14126 BUG Part sensor ignored using start immediately and repetition part sensor with OnHost executor.
13745 Change Request Fill-deltas per pass.
14112 New Feature Remote interface: Preview and pointer.

New commands: enablePointer, disablePointer, startPreview, stopPreview and setPreviewParameters.

14116 New Feature ArmLaserAutomation: Disarm zero power.
1.27.0 13/06/2022 14043 BUG Missing MOTF stop using job element with multiple iterations and on host executor.
14077 BUG Tiling leads to an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" exception.

Click & Teach: When the camera has no scan head assigned to it, the Tile button is disabled now, avoiding a misleading error message.

14078 BUG Click&Teach: JAI camera needs an additional disconnect and connect after starting RAYGUIDE.
14084 BUG Stand alone: Using switch without binning.

Binning can no longer be unchecked when using switch flow.

14062 BUG Possible wrong MOTF encoder distance conversion.
14056 BUG Stroke font family getting reset.
14097 Change Request Ungrouping groups should apply group transformation to children.
14096 Change Request Display bitmaps translucent.

Pixels are semi transparent depending on the gray-scale.

14002 New Feature Secondary correction file.

A secondary correction file can be uploaded to the scan controller. The used correction file can be selected in job (incl preset) or as automation.

1.26.0 13/05/2022 14009 BUG Exception opening Stand-Alone dialog.
14008 New Feature Remote interface: Auto listen.

New checkbox for automatically starting to listen on startup.

14007 New Feature New Languages: French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish.
1.25.0 05/05/2022 13988 BUG Tuning cannot be switched on deflection units with firmware version >= 6972.
1.24.0 03/05/2022 13980 BUG Click&Teach: Camera calibrating does not work correctly when the scan head has a rotation in its field transformation.

Click&Teach: Mounting the camera with the correct rotation angle failed when the scan head contained a rotation in the field transformation while creating the calibration job. Only the scan head's orientation (90°, 180°, 270°) is taken into account now when creating the calibration job.

13960 BUG Solar Wafer importer: Wrong dash pattern for vertical lines.
11959 Change Request Laser Configuration: CW Laser.

Laser output mode can now be configured as Pulsed, CW or Selectable (Pen). Using CW will send a non modulated signal as LM.

13965 Change Request Job render as image/bitmap should process bitmaps and containers.

Added new functions IJobManager.RenderAsImage / RenderAsBitmap. Old functions in JobDefinition are obsolete.

13923 New Feature Support of nLight AFX Laser.
13871 New Feature Workspace background image.

New option for adding a background for the workspace added to job settings and job preferences. The image will be scaled to fit the whole workspace.

13974 New Feature Remote interface: Save active job as bitmap.

The new command "renderAsBitmap" stores the current jobs workspace as a raster graphic.

13925 New Feature Jerk limited control for solar wafer designer.
1.23.0 11/04/2022 13940 BUG Installed features not pre-selected when modifying installation.
13916 BUG Mark in progress signal not deasserted for job loop with wait part.
13966 Change Request MOTF : Allow multiple passes for job elements containing filling.

Multiple passes are allowed if job elements contain a single path, or the filling is assigned to the path. Otherwise the job optimization "Merge vector graphics" can be used. This will convert the filling to normal vectors.

13924 Change Request Controlling adjustable pulse duration for IPG YLPN laser via IO.

The optical pulse width (APD mode) can be changed dynamically now using the parallel port interface.

13941 Change Request Remove gap between adjacent 2D code cells.
1.22.0 15/03/2022 13872 BUG 2D code inverted cell filling.
13845 BUG Remote interface: Downloading a job with command "download" trigger execution in case of "host" or "quick" executor.

The command "upload" (it is the same as the obsolete command "download") will be executed only if the executor type is set to "card" before.

13844 BUG Modifying barcodes using remote interface requires apply in GUI.
13873 BUG Gate gltiches using 2D codes with basic hatch filling.
13860 BUG Job geometry validation failing for multi field 3D job preset.
13861 BUG SVG importer ignores center option.
13887 Change Request MOTF reset jump to next path starting location using OnCard executor.
13846 New Feature New remote interface commands: getJobElements, getJobPens, getPenNumbers, getPens.
13518 New Feature Close all jobs.
13835 New Feature Cell circle filling.
1.21.0 23/02/2022 13822 BUG Container transformation ignored with "Only selected objects" (preview / quick mark) and selected container.
13823 BUG Downloading MOTF jobs with OnCard executor affects active MOTF execution.
13788 BUG Click & Teach exceeds image size limits when used with large scan fields.
12594 BUG Unwanted repetitions of ramps when executing closed paths with n-passes.
13794 New Feature New commands for remote interface.

Added setActiveJob, save, modifyTransform, blockGui and unblockGui to the remote interface.

13760 New Feature Mark option for layers.
1.20.0 11/02/2022 13778 BUG Job preset Z-offset applied twice.
13737 New Feature Draw circle by 3 points on outline.
13775 New Feature Drill filling.
1.19.0 03/02/2022 13769 BUG Ramping not correctly calculated if the segment has only a single value.
13768 BUG Default pen number ignored (SDK).
13767 BUG Tracking not enabled when using MOTF with bitmaps.
13620 BUG Filling ignored when object in tiler-container.
13713 BUG Log file path not settable for text object.
13618 BUG SPICE3 IO abort undetected by GUI.
13278 Change Request IPG YLP Laser serial interface configuration.
13410 Change Request Innolas Nanio Air / BLIZZ Laser.
13668 New Feature Option for disabling human-readable-text for barcodes.
13704 New Feature Click & Teach 2.5D.

The Click & Teach add-on can be used in 2.5D environments now and allows to set the focus along the z-axis.

12240 New Feature Execution Sequencer.

Defines a list of sequences, containing the number of executions with a certain pen.

12196 New Feature 2.5D processing.
13766 New Feature Assignable path for system and user configuration directory.

System and user config path can be passed as arguments to MarkerAPI constructor.

13626 New Feature Ahead-of-time evaluation.

Allows evaluating binning condition ahead-of-time, resulting in optimized execution time. Should be disabled, if condition is not set ahead-of-time.

13634 New Feature Defection unit interpolation time.

Interpolation time can be provided or queried from the deflection unit. Transfer delay is calculated from protocol dependent delay plus interpolation time.

1.18.1 12/01/2022 13685 BUG Mark in progress signal not deasserted for wait start automation.
1.18.0 20/12/2021 13653 New Feature MOTF min segment width.
1.17.1 15/12/2021 13645 BUG MOTF reset jump with MOTF margin sub-optimal.
1.17.0 13/12/2021 13635 BUG Execution/Mark in progress not asserted for OnCard executor.
13622 BUG Possible burn in between job elements using host controlled executor.
1.16.1 09/12/2021 13623 BUG MOTF main encoder config not set for main encoder ID == 1.
1.16.0 26/11/2021 13589 BUG Power ramping ending prematurely.
13588 BUG Wrong inch conversion in vector graphic, solar wafer and drill import.
13590 Change Request MOTF reset jump with part sensor and multiple executions.

Reset jump is moved to field edge in belt direction.

13587 New Feature MOTF reset speed.

Defines the speed used when MOTF tracking will be deactivated (eg. when waiting for parts or at the end of the job). Can be configured in the scan controllers MOTF tab.

1.15.0 19/11/2021 13569 BUG MOTF response time not loaded by gui.
13505 BUG Binning cannot be removed if the scan controller is not found.
13506 BUG MOTF internal items get saved into a job using part sensor with OnHost executor.
13512 BUG MOTF with multiple jobelement passes results in marking on different locations.
13532 BUG Job validation does not consider z offset of correction file.

Added workspace offset to job settings. It will be automatically filled with z offset from correction file.
Existing presets might need an update (reset workspace size/offset in presets dialog).

13568 BUG SPICE IO polarity/direction not always set.
13527 BUG MOTF autosegmentation failed if azimuth is set to 0°.
13519 New Feature chose process direction of hatch filling.
13516 New Feature Overwrite reference library pen set.
13517 New Feature Update job pen set when loading by reference library pen set.
1.14.0 26/10/2021 13463 BUG Container transformation ignored with quick execution and "Only selected objects".
13493 BUG Twofold transformation using container with SingleOuput.
13494 BUG Exception loading jobs in ReusableGUIComponents sample project.

TabControl cannot be used as container for the job workspaces as TabControl reuses its content template by default.
ItemsControl (see sample) can be used instead.

13481 BUG Objects loose their general properties when converted to vector object.
13492 BUG Delay units in error handling and stand alone error list µs instead of ms.

Values are now display correctly, but might need an update if old value was expected in ms.

13464 BUG Preview of objects in multi-field setup misses objects.
13475 BUG Object with n-passes in tiler container.
13401 BUG SVG importer: Create pen per imported color.
13406 New Feature Split a path into two paths.

There is a new vector optimization function "Split paths": A path will be split into two at the position where the selected command is.

13343 New Feature New Vector Graphic Option: Seperate command into new path.

There is a new vector optimization function "Replace commands by paths": All selected commands will be moved from there original path into new paths, while each command will be put into a path containing only that command.

13382 New Feature Enhance automation object "arm/disarm laser" by pointer flag.

The automation object "Arm or disarm laser" can now additionally enable and disable the pointer.

13335 New Feature Secondary laser power target (IPG Laser YLS AMB).

New Laser type (IPG AMB) added.
Renamed simmer related properties in LaserProfile to SecondaryPowerTarget.

13368 New Feature Text with fixed length.

Text objects with fixed size and the height set to 0 keep the font height.
Text objects with fixed size and the width set to 0 keep the font's original aspect ratio avoiding distorted texts.

1.13.0 07/09/2021 13377 Change Request Performance improvements for container using "single output".
1.12.0 10/08/2021 13324 BUG MOTF: Jobelements with multiple iterations marked on multiple positions.
13323 BUG Laser gate active while setting IO signals.
12729 BUG Wrong import of arcs with norm-vectors different to z unit-vector.
13302 BUG Preview speed only adapted for objects using first pen.
13235 BUG Centering an empty container leads to exception.
13236 BUG Copy&Paste of object multi selection leads to wrong object order.
13295 Change Request Disable velocity based power control processing drills.
12324 Change Request Exclude idle time from MIP Signal.

MIP will be de-asserted while waiting for signals.

13322 New Feature Remote interface.

Remote interface (formerly only available as tutorial) can be installed as feature.

13202 New Feature Process transformation z-offset.
13134 New Feature Vector optimisation: Replace arc by drill.

New vector optimization functions for replacing small arcs by drills and vice versa.

13321 New Feature Jump list.

Option to start RAYGUIDE with job or open job from taskbar.

13209 New Feature Update referenced library pen set from job pens.
13098 New Feature Edit common properties for object multi-selection.
13208 New Feature Single thumb preview.
1.11.0 10/06/2021 13158 BUG Modified values for tracking error / acceleration time getting overwritten.
13178 BUG MOTF belt direction affecting object transformation.
13174 BUG Wrong object order when using a container with OnCard executor.
13201 Change Request New renderer with increased performance using hairline.
13133 Change Request Improve hit detection for very small objects.
13175 Change Request Wobble active during stand-alone wait condition.
13070 New Feature Simplified executer.

A job executor that is controlled by the host application to do the very basic of execution. It processes only vector graphics, ignoring MOTF and tiling. The vector content is downloaded to the scan controller, and executed.

1.10.0 21/05/2021 13147 BUG No feedback starting execution while abort IO is active.
13107 BUG New panel not visible.
13109 BUG Error on pen panel entering waveform values.
1.9.0 30/04/2021 13089 BUG Pen laser power not evaluated correctly for bitmap sprint mode.
13094 BUG Wrong kerning for cirular multiline text.
13091 BUG White bitmap pixels getting marked with power > 0 using point and shoot.
13090 BUG Wrong order using bidirectional crosshatch.
13087 BUG Decreasing performance using dialogs.
12804 Change Request Add option to edit the order of scan controller.
13092 New Feature Margin defining the earliest marking position using MOTF.
13093 New Feature Deflection unit monitoring.
13088 New Feature Job trace labels (SP-ICE-3).

New trace labels are: 10 (start), 11 (end).

13086 New Feature Error handling.

Specific IO or serial message can be sent after one of the following errors occurred: Laser, scan controller, deflection unit, out of field, aborted.

12203 New Feature set scan head tuning.
12816 New Feature Add new automation Object: Toggle Arm Status/Signal.
1.8.0 18/03/2021 12991 BUG Gate active during delay automation using "On card" executor.
13009 Change Request Use GUI without scan controller.
12992 Change Request Change definition of text Size [pt] to FontHeight [mm].

Changed Size to FontHeight, defining the height of 'W' in the current font.

13010 New Feature Character map for text and barcode.
12970 New Feature Log option for dynamic text/code content.
12200 New Feature Circular aligned text.
1.7.1 24/02/2021 12943 BUG Active permission lost after applying preferences dialog.
1.7.0 18/02/2021 12928 BUG Ignored bit mask (port size and offset) for Standalone job selection.
12560 BUG Error switching port polarity.
12814 BUG Error sorting vector graphics with high number of pahts.
12703 BUG Incrementing text counting up when reopening job.
12707 BUG Wrong Object order in tree after applying transformation to copy.
12722 BUG Chinese language and permissions.

Changing the GUI language caused loss of all permissions.

12706 BUG Absolute instead of relative offset applied to copy on multiselection.
12709 BUG Exception using "Join layer" for layers within containers.

Joining layers is working now even if the vector graphic is in a group.

12714 BUG Missing filling when using container with "single output".
12747 BUG Error when splitting an imported drill array.
12571 BUG Move to combined vector graphic within a group container.

When combining objects located into a matrix copy object into a vectorgraphic, all *generated* objects where put into the result additionally rather than only the *original* objects.

12919 Change Request Change MOTF wait management from job element to path lvl.

Enhancing the wait management increases throughput by starting execution earlier.

12726 Change Request Move filling to layer when combining vector graphic.

When combining objects into a vector graphic the fillings of the object will be assigned now individually to the layers; the pen will also be assigned to the layers.

12748 Change Request Pen assignment lost when combining objects or layers.

When joining layers, the pens of the joined layers are applied to its paths now to preserve information.

12779 Change Request Set default pulse definition for IPG YLP Laser to fixed.
12693 Change Request Rename SPI Laser.

"SPI" laser renamed to "TruePulse Nano".

12563 Change Request CustomUI sample PlugIn for Remote.

The SampleCustomUI example has a button now to open and close the listening socket for remote controlling RAYGUIDE.

12207 New Feature Flexible power ramping.

Multiple ramps can be defined per path.

12918 New Feature Job optimizations.

New option for merging, segmenting and sorting jobs during execution.

12815 New Feature Option to reduce shown thumbs.

Number of shown thumbs, jump vectors and vector tips can be limited.

12704 New Feature Pen Panel: Add user selected values to table overview.
12812 New Feature Display additional information for commands on its dialog.
12829 New Feature Skywriting modes: Force at start/end and min change of heading.

Mode can be defined instead of enabling/disabling sky writing.

12715 New Feature Dashed line pattern start offset.
1.6.0 23/11/2020 12436 BUG Incorrect ramping along path with arc commands.
12701 BUG Matrix copy: Wrong Y pitch after entering 0 in linked X pitch.
12698 BUG MOTF: Job elements not executed if outside scan field but within field extended in belt direction.
12632 Change Request Job element scan controller selection: Auto and manual mode.
12692 New Feature Deflection unit: Invert X/Y axis.
12695 New Feature Deflection unit status: Show current position in field domain.
1.5.0 16/11/2020 12683 BUG Artificial lines in certain case with inset fill.
12185 Change Request Disable wobble and sky writing during preview.
12636 Change Request Add view options to Toolbar.
12631 New Feature Measure distance via context menu.
12123 New Feature Option to switch laser power unit from percent to watts.
12187 New Feature Redefine start of closed paths.
12581 New Feature Display jumps between objects.
12193 New Feature Hide / show objects in workspace.
11310 New Feature Locking of objects.
12201 New Feature Vector sorting by direction (MOTF).
12602 New Feature Reduce pen parameters from pen dialog.
12191 New Feature Prevent object transformation by mouse operation.
12221 New Feature Defaut job automation.

New setting "Job template" in the user preferences. The template is loaded automatically when a new job is created.

12222 New Feature RAYGUIDE launch condition > open default job.

New setting "Default job" in the user preferences. The default job is loaded automatically when RAYGUIDE starts.

12640 New Feature Shift Key to force horizontal/vertical object movement.
1.4.0 23/10/2020 12605 BUG Bitmap inside container not loaded.
12608 BUG Filling not processed using pen with ramp down.
12567 BUG Exception when joining layer.

Joining layers failed in case the first layer had no name.

12617 Change Request Refactoring of RAYLASE.Common and RAYLASE.Marker.Common.

Moved reusable code from RAYLASE.Marker.Common to RAYLASE.Shared. Replaced Point2D (RAYLASE.Common) with dvec2.

12550 Change Request Warning concering objects not in view port.
12198 New Feature Object draw mode.

Added mode for defining size of new objects via mouse dragging.

12638 New Feature Multifield tiling.

Objects covering multiple scan fields will be split automatically.

12639 New Feature German translation.

Language can now be switched to German.

12637 New Feature Tiling container.

New container for marking objects larger than the scan field.

12346 New Feature Guidelines.

Added user defined snapping guidelines.

1.3.0 08/10/2020 12604 BUG Object setting "infinite passes" is not persistent.
1.2.0 02/10/2020 12587 BUG Error centering container containing drill objects.
12582 BUG Jump length between job elements miscalculated.
12559 BUG Job statistic > Time for Write IO complement time not taken into account.
12551 BUG Edit Pen 0 in Pen Library.
12407 New Feature Infinite number of passes for job elements.
12261 New Feature GUI plug-in to hand over process adjustments and transformations.

Feature added as sample application located in SDK\SampleCode\Tutorials\SampleCustomUI and described in section 3.5 of the SDK manual.

12323 New Feature Object statistic.

Similar to the job, the statistics can now be viewed at job element level.

12206 New Feature GUI Translation Manager.

New tool to create custom resource files for further languages.

11275 New Feature Inset filling processing order.

New option to reverse the order of the filling.

12474 New Feature Copy Contour Parallel.

Inset filling now allows to create parallel duplicates of non closed paths.

12190 New Feature Filling on path and layer level.
1.1.1 26/08/2020 12363 BUG Splitting a polyline results in wrong displayed numbers of points in the job tree.
12435 BUG Incorrect vector layout sent to card using ramping with arcs.

Split angle was miscalculated for arcs with negative angles.

12444 BUG Error when changing from real to emulated card.
12374 BUG Closed Path Object with n-passes shows Gap in Gate Signal.
12568 Change Request Warn about persistant laser error when start execution.
12397 Change Request Display Option > Jump vectors do not consider objects marking mode.

Mark and jump vectors of skipped outline/filling are now dimmed.

11095 New Feature Spiral filling offset.
12215 New Feature Multi object alignment.
12347 New Feature Meander Filling.

Added as direction option of hatch filling.

12330 New Feature Option to disable individual deflection unit axes.
12162 New Feature Launching of support e-mails.

Added menu item "Help->Contact support..." to create an e-mail containing RAYGUIDE's log files and current job as attachment. It is opened in the standard e-mail application, which enables the user to add further information before sending it.

12408 New Feature Option to lock XY ratio for matrix container.
12410 New Feature Number of paths in job statistic.